A baby, a shroom and a slingshot to the moon

Windows, Linux | Released on January, 2024

A short point and click adventure game about a baby who finds a mysterious mushroom in his backyard, eats it and is then convinced by his cat that they’re both meant to go to the moon. Made in a weekend for the Global Game Jam 2024 where the theme was “Make Me Laugh”. It also fullfills the following diversifiers:

  • Sharing is caring: “Share the source code for your submission in a public GitHub repository and list the URL on your submission page”.
  • Lunch Special: “Your game can be played with one hand. The other hand is free to hold your sandwich”.
  • Woodstock vibes: “The art of your game is done in psychedelic style”.
  • Moon & Swoon: “The moon is a significant element in many cultures. Adopt it into your game in some way, either through art or narrative”.

You can find the original jam entry page here, the itch.io page with the most up-to-date version here, and its source code here.