This Is Not A Drill: The Inside Job

Game Boy | Released on January, 2020

This Is Not A Drill: The Inside Job is an original Game Boy game made in a weekend for the Global Game Jam 2020 for which the theme was “Repair”. The original entry can be found here. It follows the “Mi Casa es tu Casa” jam diversifier in which the game had to happen in the same universe as another game participating in the jam - that game was This Is Not a Drill. Its source code is available here.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward: your station is under attack and cracks will appear around the rooms. You’ll have to pickup the hammer, move to the room with the crack as fast as possible and press A to repair it. Your score is tracked on the bottom left of the screen.

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Note: To play this game you’ll need a Game Boy emulator like BGB or RetroArch. You can also play it on real hardware by flashing it onto any flash cartridge with 128KB of ROM space or more.